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A short trip to Italy and Slovenia, mainly for a visit to Jesenice steelworks. We flew from Stansted to Trieste with Ryanair. We walked over the new footbridge to the new airport station. One 464 to Monfalcone and then another to Gorizia and then the bus to Nova Gorica. Next day we took Avtovlak and very pleased with 664.106 on the front. Even more so when 664.101 went on the, this was due to trackwork at Podbrdo. I then went to Jesenice for the steelworks visit and then the EC to Villach for one night. Got the elusive 190.302 to Udine next day, it should have gone to Trieste but didn't for some reason. I had a few 464s and a couple of 401s. Ended up at Ferrara where I got my first FER 464 on a stopper to Bologna. I stayed in Padova for one night. A local strike was on for Sunday so I just bought tickets, I went to Venezia SL and was going to do a few trips to Mestre but short notice cancellations put me off that idea and head straight to Treviso instead for my Ryanair back home
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