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A short six day trip to France was planning using Eurostar and advance TER tickets to Dijon. Eurostar ran on time but 374 junk each way doesn’t make it an enjoyable journey any more. We took RER D from Dare du Nord to Paris Gare de Lyon and then the TER bound for Laroche-Migennes as far as Sens and then our booked fast TER forward to Dijon. I had hassle buying the TER weekly season ticket I wanted but got it ok next morning thankfully. We found an excellent restaurant in the centre f town for our first night. Sound towards Lyon next morning jumping on an off a bit and sampling some 22200 Alsthom power as we went. We ended up at Chambéry and checked in our hotel for the next three nights and went to Grenoble for a meal in the evening. Next day was on mostly on the main line north of Dijon with the classic Alsthom power and we at near our hotels in the evening. It was similar activity the next day ending up with a trip to Annecy in the late afternoon and then back to Chambéry. We left Chambéry on the Friday morning and made our way to Dijon again for one more night there and another meal in the same restaurant. Back to Paris next day and then a bouncy 374 back to London
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