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My first ever two month InterRail and to start it off I flew from Manchester - Katowice. I forgot how far it was from the city, never again! I went to Zabrze and based myself there for the next five nights. First full day was around Wrocław and surprisingly Cargo EU07-114 was out but not gettable! I managed a few new EP/EU07 during the day thankfully next day I did get EU07-114. The Sunday was the first day of the new timetable so I did a trip to Kraków which involved the Oświęcim avoider in the afternoon. Next day did first run of the new "Rozewie" overnight via Zwardoń finally getting me all the line in hauled. A few trips on Regiojet new R8 got me four new Vectrons. Then north to Gdánsk for two nights and found a couple of Cargo EU07 while in the area. My journey back south was EP08 for Cargo EU07 at Poznań! One night at Kraków and found EU07-127 which I grabbed, but it failed and lost me a few hours! I then moved on Ostrava. Next day back to Poland to chase oldie EU07-19E which replaced a failure! On the Sunday did Sp1638 which dies Ostrava hl.n to Frýdek-Místek via Ostrava-Svinov the got MRCE 193.628 on RJ1012. Finished with a Vectron to Brno for a busy EC to Bratislava with quality 350 power. I'd planned to go to Opava for the 714 to Hlucíň but the EC to Brno was well late so a day around Wien. Picked up three new 1116 and 1144.103 which was my last one, so class cleared! Then to Tišnov for a new ZSSK 362 turn to Břeclav, but it was a ČD one. Regiojet took me back to Bratislava. Managed to get to Opava východ next day but as half expected Hlucíň was a DMU. Christmas day was a 242 down the new line to Židlochovice and then to Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště for the diesels. Then on to Linz and a day in ČD doing the branch to Bechyně and from Rybník. Further west then for two nights in Basel and a trip on MOB and then BLS to La Chaux-de-Fonds. I then moved on to Germany with a night in Ludwigsburg and then Leipzig. Did Flix over the new Halle - Erfurt line at 200 km/h. Flix Leipzig - Berlin next day and then back to Poland for one night. Then Hannover, Ruhr and into Belgium for Eurostar back home
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