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The second of a series of three trips to Germany with BUZZ and this time I flew to Berlin and covered a few diesels and then NZ1948 to Dortmund. Straight back east with 103 power to Eisenach and then 232 chasing and I managed one new one and a maniac driver on 232,330 later in the day, most entertaining! I ended up at Leipzig and then D1905 to Nürnberg and then D1952 to Stuttgart. Back to Nürnberg and then to München and the “Mickey Mouse” 120 on IC719 to Bayerisch Gmain to appreciate the massive incline at the station. Then 120.111 forward to Berchtesgaden and back with 120.119 to Freilassing. A 139 to Salzburg and a 1044 back to München and then D1904 to Dresden Neustadt with 103 power running round at Falkenberg on the way. Various diesels at Dresden and then to Leipzig Hbf and Sundays only IR2732 to Uelzen for some great new 103 track! Another 103 to Hamburg Hbf and then I successfully got on EN483 during its crew swap thankfully. Off at Nürnberg for some Kolomna action and then massive winner 232.617 to Neuenkirchen, forward with a pair of 217s to Schwandorf and then a 232 on top of then to Furth i Wald! I returned with 218.006 and then 234.606 to Regensburg and 120 power to Passau for EN224 to Nürnberg and then D1904 to Leipzig. I went to Berlin and did both the Wensickendorf and Groß Schönebeck branches from Berlin Karow with 219s on push-pull sets. A final 232 leap to Eberswalde and then flight back home
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