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A twelve day trip started with a flight to Graz via Frankfurt and then into Slovenia and a night at Celje. I took “Pohorje” next morning to Ljubljana and then bus / DMU to Bohinjska Bistrica and then a single southbound trip on the “Avtovlak” to Most na Soči as points got split and so I had to return to Bohinjska Bistrica on another DMU. Next day down to Nova Gorica and with Miško as we had permits to ride both freights to Ajdovšcina and then Jesenice, both had the “staff” van at the front the ideal location to travel in. I then took an EMU to Ljubljana and “Pohorje” to Pragersko with 362.038 and then 664.106 to Ptuj for one night. Same 664 next morning for 363.038 to Celje and then “Citadella” portion to Hodoš with a pair of 664s. I had a few hours in Budapest and overnight to Caracal and a day there. I then continued into Bucureşti Nord and then went to Braşov for a couple of nights. Once back in Bucureşti I went to the Moldova embassy to get a visa issued in my passport. The overnight wasn’t very comfortable and long border checks and then on arrival in Chişinău the 3TE10 section was off before I had chance to see what it was, I chased it to the shed but staff had no idea what I was asking about! During the day I took lots of photos of the big twin 2TE10 locos at the station. Next day Neil and I did a trip to Bender 2 and back on a DMU, and then south overnight to Basarabiaska and then we left there in the through coaches going to Cahul. We got off at Prut 2 for the local train heading over the bridge to Fălciu, we got to the border gates before the bridge and then eventually they said we had to get off as we were not local citizens! So a taxi it was (eventually) all the way to Galaţi where we only just made to fast train to Bucureşti Nord and we had GM 63.0847 from Făurei for the diesel section into the capital. Back to Caracal next morning and a quick trip to Craiova as for 66/70s were in sidings opposite the station. Back to Bucureşti next day and flight home via Wien
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