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An eighteen day trip to Russia and Estonia to make good use of a one year Russian visa, I flew to Saint Petersburg via Frankfurt and stayed at friend’s house for a few nights. We did some of a steam special the Friday and did some sights at the weekend. Went south on the Monday with a TEP70 on load twenty to Pskov for two nights giving us a full day in the city. We then moved on with TEP70 via Luga to Novgorod for two nights there giving us on day in the city. We then returned to Saint Petersburg and on the Sunday I took a Moskva train to Bologoye and then picked up the overnight to Tallinn. I had three days taking photos of the constant procession of mainly oil trains and some of the “new” ex Union Pacific C36-7 GE locos were now in service, very strange to hear FDL music with USA horns in Estonia! I then returned overnight to Bologoye and then took local trains to Dno-1 where I had a few hours with the camera and then to Novgorod for the night. I left at lunchtime on the TEP70 to Novolisino and then an EMU back to Saint Petersburg. A quiet day in the city and then I flew back home via Frankfurt
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