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A twelve day trip to Northern Italy and Slovenia. I flew to Brescia and then made my way via Verona to Bressanone where I stayed for two nights. Next day I went to super photo spot at Colle Isarco for the morning and then to Vipiteno in the afternoon. The weather turned so next day I went to Bolzano and did the DMU branch from Merano - Malles which was a nice journey and then went to Fortezza for my night there. Next day I went to Venezia on a 402A for the E405 turn on EC86. Then I went Novara via Milano with elderly E444 electrics in and out Milano. Next day I went to Torino and found a D445 on a train to Aosta so did the line out and back. I then went from Nova - Domodossola and back. Next day was on FNM in the morning and then on FS trains during the rest of the day. Another day around the Milano area and I went to Reggio Emilia for the private diesel hauled turn to Sassuolo. I discover that there were two stations at Sassuolo so was able to do an ex Belgian EMU to Modena and back on the main line. I then went north to Verona for one night. Next day I made my way into Slovenia and ended up staying in Divača for three nights, chasing some of my last 363s during the days. The last two nights were at Celje and the usual Sunday trip to Hodoš before flying home the next day
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