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A two week trip to Switzerland, France and Germany. We flew Switzerland and went straight to the BLS and got some super stormy evening photos at Kiesen. Next day we went to Lalden and Frutigen for nice shots. After a day of poor weather I returned to Lalden and Frutigen the next two days. After a day in Zürich area I made my way to France and to Nanteuil-Saacy to do a photo spot there. I got super shots of many 15000 locos on IC and EC trains, especially over the river bridge in the morning. Next day I relaxed in cool EC train to Frankfurt/M and went to Bad Hersfeld for a night. Next morning I had few hours at the super spot at Hermannspiegel and then in afternoon to Wernfeld and I stayed in Gemünden. After another spell at Wernfeld I went to Berlin via Hannover for night. Next day a special train the Rübelandbahn booked for 03.1010 but got 119.158 and then an HVLE Tiger up the hill to Rübeland. Next day did a morning trip to Brocken and then went to Oldenburg for night. Next day to Bremen for my flight home
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