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I started a two week trip by flying to Pisa for an Italian special train from Firenze - Torrenieri via Monte Antico with twin Maybach engined D342-4010. After this went north to Venezia and overnight to München. Took 103.235 on a Christmas Market special to Salzburg and it then did a trip up the steep line to Berchtesgaden! I then dashed to Nürnberg for last run of a 234 from Nürnberg - Furth i Wald and then to Passau for EN228 to Berlin. Made my way to Leipzig Hbf for new 181 diagram to Frankfurt/M and then NZ260 to Paris. Had 72148 out of Paris-Est on load 16 to Mulhouse and then some time on the Strasbourg “Sybic” turns. North on CNL408 and day on NOB on Westerland line, including few hours at Morsum for some photos. Once back at Hamburg overnight to Belgium and some runs with the excellent 1300 electrics. Stayed at friends and then to Luxembourg and EN263 to Linz and to München for pair 218s on IC1969 to Dresden, due to heavy snow we got diverted from via Riesa! Hotel in Dresden and then to München, Innsbruck and Verona for EN220 to Dijon. Some moves around Lyon for 6558 to Genève and EN467 to Linz for a DB 151 to Selzthal on a crew training turn. Then to Wien and EN466 and made my way to Genève for flight home
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